Shipwrecks: Artifacts & Treasure 

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Pirates Treasure Museum

Set sail and discover the Pirates Treasure Museum! Experience hands-on, interactive exhibits that share the tales and treasures of deep-ocean exploration. Visitors will delve into a fascinating bounty of pirate legend and historical fact and re-live the heroic passenger accounts of surviving storm-tossed seas and sinking ships. Climb aboard and prepare for an exciting journey through an engaging and family friendly shipwreck adventure.

The Pirates Treasure Museum is a shipwreck museum born of the combined passions of two Virgin Island companies, CD Paradise Management and Prosperitas Investment Management. Showcasing authentic artifacts and treasures from the world-famous deep-ocean discoveries of Odyssey Marine Exploration, the museum also highlights Virgin Islands shipwrecks and artifacts.


The two-story museum located in St. Thomas, USVI, incorporates history and interactive exhibits to immerse visitors in the world of pirates and the deep-ocean exploration technology used to recover treasures that were once thought lost forever. These stories and artifacts offer insights and a physical connection to the Caribbean and wider world, as it was hundreds or even thousands of year ago! To learn more please visit the Pirates Museum website.