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Shipwreck Exploration

An American Civil War-era sidewheel steamship 

A steel-hulled British

cargo steamship 

Likely a 17th-century Spanish merchant ship 

18th-century British warship lost with a full set of bronze cannon

Some of the Most Fascinating Shipwreck Discoveries in the World

For centuries, the ocean has been the only reliable highway to transport trade goods and treasure around the globe.


Although man has learned to sail with the currents, the ocean itself has never been tamed. Mighty storms have destroyed the largest and most technologically sophisticated ships in existence.

Confined to the surface peering down into the waves, the mystery of what lies beneath puzzled man for centuries until a few brave adventurers went into the deep, exploring with simple techniques and equipment.  


Today, cutting-edge technology and advanced robotics allow us to dive deeper, explore farther and push the boundaries to a place no one ever dreamed we’d reach. Through this website we invite you to share our passion and experience the thrill of exploration. 

Welcome to the fascinating world of shipwreck exploration and discovery! 

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