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Exhibitions and Education

SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure, presented by Monaco Rare Coins is an interactive multi-media exhibit featuring over 500 artifacts.

Pirates Treasure Museum is a hands-on museum that shares tales & treasures of the deep-ocean.

Our exhibit displays feature a diversity of shipwreck artifacts, videos and photographs.

The  knowledge recovered from shipwrecks provide a unique opportunity to learn. 

Shipwreck Treasures From Around the World Are on Display

Hundreds of shipwrecks have been discovered across the globe. The artifacts, treasure and knowledge recovered from these fascinating time capsules provide a unique opportunity to share the excitement of shipwreck discovery with the public. Through the use of interactive displays, guests can virtually step aboard an exploration vessel and experience first hand the thrill and excitement of exploration and treasure recovery. 

The vast information that each shipwreck project offers touches upon virtually every subject essential to a comprehensive education: history, science, geography, math, archaeology, technology and more. Seascape has developed and supported a number of educational programs, including shipwreck exploration and marine archaeology curriculum developed as an educational tool for the traveling exhibit SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure.

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