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Shipwrecks are fascinating to adults and children alike. The vast information that each shipwreck project offers touches upon virtually every subject area essential to a comprehensive education: history, science, geography, math, archaeology, technology and more.

Seascape has developed and supported a number of educational programs, including shipwreck exploration and marine archaeology curriculum developed as an educational tool for the traveling exhibit SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure.

The shipwreck curriculum has also been used successfully as stand-alone lessons in both public and private schools.


Additionally, teachers have focused on the pioneering work in the deep ocean to further develop project-based learning activities where students participate in hands-on activities to enhance their understanding of scientific discovery, math, history and geography and the principles and procedures fundamental to marine exploration and nautical archaeology.

The following materials are also available as a free download (click blue text below):



Includes all background materials and information to complete three different activities that focus on READING for information, WRITING to learn, and the HISTORICAL impact of discoveries. These activities are appropriate for students in grades 3 – 8 and each can be completed in one 50-60 minute period.

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