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Eighty-six intact olive jars, or “botijas”, along with numerous jar rims and sherds were recovered from the "Tortugas" shipwreck.  This wreck site is believed to be the Buen Jesús y Nuestra Señora del Rosario, one of the vessels sailing with the ill-fated 1622 Tierra Firme treasure fleet. The Rosario, along with her sister ships the Nuestra Señora de Atocha and Santa Margarita, were lost in a hurricane while passing through the Florida Strait on its return voyage to Spain.


These ceramic vessels, manufactured in assorted sizes and shapes, were the primary shipping containers of the time used to store olive oil, water and a multitude of foodstuffs. Before sailors embarked from Seville, an eight-month supply of provisions including rice, almonds, wine, honey, vinegar and fruit was packed into the jars, sealed with corks and loaded onto their ships for the long round-trip voyage to the New World.


Referred to as the “Tortugas” shipwreck due to the proximity to the Dry Tortugas Islands off the coast of Florida, the shipwreck was discovered at 1,300 feet deep. Using ground-breaking technological methods, the recovery of artifacts made history as the first deep-ocean remotely operated archeological excavation of a shipwreck. For more info click here


Each artifact in this collection is an absolutley unique and genuine artifact  presented with a museum quality stand and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

"Tortugas" Shipwreck Olive Jar Rim

    • Artifact size is approximately 3" wide x 3" high      (varies among each piece)




    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Museum Stand
  • If the product you received does not meet your expectations a return or exchange is permitted within 30 days of purchase. All items being returned or exchanged must be in their original condition and complete with all packaging, certificate of authenticity and promotional gifts as applicable. All authentic shipwreck artifacts will be examined on an individual basis for any tampering or damage. Seascape Artifacts Exhibits, Inc. reserves the right to decline the return or exchange if an artifact has been damaged or altered in any way. Refunds will be issued between 5-10 business days using the original payment method.

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