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By the early 1800s the famous French Perfumer, L. T. Piver had over one hundred shops across the globe selling his extremely popular perfumes, fragrant soaps, body creams and other assorted health and beauty products. In Paris the Bonaparte family is said to be some of his most loyal customers with other fashionable clientele in Russia, Brazil, Spain and Austria.


The recovery of the SS Republic yielded fifty of the L. T. Piver pots in two sizes- proof it was an established product line is the United States as well. Although no lids were intact to determine the contents, the stoneware is clearly printed with the Paris and London address of the thriving L. T. Piver company.


Whereas every effort has been made to choose the best examples of shipwreck artifacts for our collectors, some blemishes and imperfections will be evident due to the harsh conditions the pieces have been subjected to during their years in the deep ocean.

SS Republic L. T. Piver Cosmetic Pot - Contact us for Availability

  • Ceramic pot approximately 7.5 cm tall



    • Display stand with engraved SS Republic plaque
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Bottles from the Deep  book
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