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Oceans Odyssey 2 continues to chronicle and share the pioneering work utilizing cutting-edge technology to investigate shipwrecks at previously unreachable depths. The publication contains archaeological reports on work conducted in the Atlantic Ocean and English Channel, as well as papers that examine current topics in the archaeological community including practices of commercial archaeology.


Oceans Odyssey 2 includes archaeological and historical information about the advanced technology and methodology used to discover 17th-19th century shipwrecks such as the Royal Navy First Rate warship Balchin’s Victory, a mid-17th century merchantman carrying elephant tusks, the mid-18th century French privateer La Marquise de Tourny, and the mid-19th century US schooner Jacksonville “Blue China” wreck. Several papers in the new book explore the artifact collections found on these sites, detailing their significance in history. Extensive research, documentation and publications have helped answer questions relating to why certain ships sank and the commercial background of the cargos aboard these ships.


Oceans Odyssey 2 is geared toward anyone with an interest in marine archaeology, post-medieval trade, exploration, naval history and historically significant artifact discoveries.

Oceans Odyssey 2

SKU: 201871
    • Edited by Greg Stemm and Sean Kingsley
    • Hardcover:  354 Pages
    • Publisher:  Oxbow Books
    • ISBN:  9 781842 174425
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