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Oceans Odyssey is the first volume of archaeological reports about Odyssey Marine Exploration’s exciting shipwreck discoveries. Through Odyssey’s deep-ocean expeditions, the missing pieces to significant parts of lost maritime history have been restored in vivid detail by Odyssey’s archaeologists, curator, historians and researchers. The publication depicts the pioneering archaeological deep-ocean robotic excavation of more than 50,000 coins and 14,000 artifacts recovered from the greatest shipwreck of the Civil War-era, the side-wheel steamer, SS Republic. Also featured is an archaeological report on the site believed to be HMS Sussex, a discovery which lead to the groundbreaking partnering agreement between Odyssey and the UK Government and a report about the discovery and preliminary survey and identification of HMS Victory - the greatest warship of her age, discovered nearly 100km from where historians traditionally believed it to be lost, helping to solve one of the greatest mysteries in naval history.


Included in Oceans Odyssey is a previously unpublished report on human remains discovered at the HMS Victory shipwreck site. The exclusive paper reveals the theory behind Odyssey’ rare and unexpected discovery – human remains, the first occurrence by Odyssey among the hundreds of shipwrecks surveyed in the English Channel. Oceans Odyssey also includes two in-depth reports on the realities of in situ preservation and the threat of fishing trawlers destroying irreplaceable history in the English Channel.

Oceans Odyssey

SKU: 201870
    • Edited by Greg Stemm and Sean Kingsley
    • Hardcover:  288 Pages
    • Publisher:  Oxbow Books
    • ISBN:  9 781842 174159
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