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L.T.Piver Cosmetic Pot

The beauty and cosmetic goods on the SS Republic were predominantly sold in glass containers and, with a few exceptions, were largely American products. Yet, over 50 stoneware cosmetic pots were recovered from the site in two distinct sizes (58cm and 79cm high), the product of the famous French Perfumer L.T. Piver whose company name and London and Paris address are transfer-printed on all of the pots.

By the 19th century, L.T. Piver had over one hundred branches around the globe, including England, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Russia and Brazil. In Paris, a number of shops were opened to cater to the firm's growing clientele, the most loyal of which included the Bonaparte family. Over the years the Piver company launched an exhaustive range of health and beauty products, including a variety of perfumes, fragrant soaps and body creams. By the early decades of the following century, L.T. Piver's Paris factory alone is said to have put out 8 to ten tons of face powder daily-attesting to the popularity of the product. Perhaps the sturdy, unlidded stoneware pots retrieved from the Republic once contained L.T. Piver's fashionable face powder.

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