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J.Laird Perfume Bottle

The excavation of the SS Republic produced some 8 white milk glass bottles, embossed with the name J. Laird Perfumer, New York. Another sample bears the name G.W. Laird Perfumer, New York. Priced at 75 cents a bottle, “Laird’s Bloom of Youth” was touted “for Beautifying and preserving the Complexion & Skin.” 

According to the 1865 New York City Directory, George W. Laird was a “Perfumer & Importer of Human Hair” and a manufacturer of wigs, toupees, and braids. Laird’s inventory included “a large stock of hair, jewelry constantly on hand and made to order.” Both G.W. and J. Laird’s business was located at 483 Broadway – perhaps a father and son partnership.

An 1871 advertisement warned ladies to beware of “Dangerous and Worthless Imitations of George W. Laird’s Bloom of Youth,” proclaiming that the success of the product had inspired “unprincipled persons to counterfeit and imitate the genuine preparation” which “has achieved great popularity during the last ten years.” Apparently other manufacturers enjoyed the success of the Laird beauty product. 

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