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The Virtual Museum 

Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Shipwreck Treasures

Explore this extraordinary collection of artifacts - now available on your computer anywhere in the world, anytime.

Our expert team of researchers, scientists, technicians and archaeologists search the oceans of the world, recovering shipwreck treasures once thought lost forever. We love to share these amazing discoveries and over two million people have enjoyed viewing artifacts from our permanent collection in person at museums and science centers around the world. Now, we’re bringing our collection right to your computer.


Explore and enjoy! Artifacts are organized into the categories on the left. Pictures on each individual artifact page will give you a magnified view by rolling your curser over the photo.

The Virtual Museum is a work in progress, and new artifacts from our various shipwreck projects will be added on a regular basis. The multitude of artifacts in this Permanent Collection, spanning more than 2000 years of maritime history, continues to grow as new shipwrecks are discovered and investigated.

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