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SS Mantola Operational Overview

Operational activities on the SS Mantola project were designed to be conducted in conjunction with the Gairsoppa project.

While planning search operations for the SS Gairsoppa, Odyssey created contingency plans for several potential targets depending on when the Yuzhmorgeologiya charter was complete. Odyssey’s research team used Odyssey’s proprietary shipwreck database to identify other potential targets within range of the Gairsoppa search area and developed a search area for the Mantola. This preparation paid off when Odyssey located the shipwreck.

During the first phase of the search for the Gairsoppa, a target was located using the Yuzhmorgeologiya’s side-scan sonar that bore characteristics of the Gairsoppa, but positive identification could not be confirmed without a visual ROV inspection. While waiting for the visual inspection to be conducted from the Odyssey Explorer, the Yuzhmorgeologiya began search operations for the Mantola. This operation kept the search resources productive and close-by in case additional side-scan work needed to be done on the Gairsoppa project.

The incremental cost to conduct the Mantola search was minimal, and the recovery expedition will be completed in conjunction with the Gairsoppa recovery, which will make recovery cost-efficient as well.

Odyssey conducted extensive research using multiple sources to determine the highest probability area to search. The shipwreck was located using the MAK-1M (deep-tow low frequency sonar system), aboard the chartered Russian research vessel RV Yuzhmorgeologiya. Visual inspection and identification of the site was conducted with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) from the Odyssey Explorer.

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