SS Central America
SS Gairsoppa
SS Mantola
HMS Victory
SS Republic
Black Swan
HMS Sussex
Blue China
Other Shipwrecks
A porthole shares space with a Champagne-style bottle on the SS Republic shipwreck site
The excavation of the SS Republic shipwreck site produced thousands of gold coins
A pressed glass crucifix candlestick is delicately retrieved from the seabed 1,700 feet deep


Odyssey Marine Exploration has accomplished some of the most successful deep-ocean expeditions in the world, resulting in the discovery of hundreds of shipwrecks. Further, numerous shipwreck projects are in various stages of development around the globe.

Supported by the most advanced deep-ocean technology, our world-class team of researchers, technicians and archaeologists work around the clock while traveling the globe in a relentless quest for shipwrecks, the fascinating stories they tell, and the amazing cargoes and treasures the vessels once carried.

While we generally do not disclose information about specific shipwrecks during the search process, once a site is protected or the excavation is completed, we share our discoveries with the world. The artifacts and treasure, photos, video, and archaeological information are made accessible to the public through our website, books, numerous professional papers and presentations, newspaper and magazine stories, television programs and traveling exhibits.



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