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Odyssey's SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure exhibit combines history and science.

A replica of Odyssey's ROV ZEUS is on display at the SS American Victory

Dr. Stephen Johnston inspects the 17th- century folding rule discovered by Odyssey

Sharing the Treasure

Using the most advanced deep-ocean technology to investigate depths previously untouchable by man, Odyssey’s world-class team of researchers, technicians and archaeologists travel the globe in a relentless quest for shipwrecks, the fascinating stories they tell, and the amazing artifacts and treasures the sunken vessels once carried.

Throughout the entire expedition, from the search and discovery phase through the subsequent archaeological excavation, the Odyssey team is passionate about sharing our finds. Completing the excavation in fact, does not signal the end of the project, but rather, marks the start of critical next steps including the conservation and documentation process in tandem with extensive research. These efforts combined can take many years, and are essential to Odyssey’s ongoing mission to exhibit, publish, and present our discoveries to the broader public. Here’s a glance of some of our exciting initiatives, most recently and in the very near future…

    • 2009 was a productive year for Odyssey with the launch of our publications series which included a succession of ten archaeology papers, five of which pertain to the pioneering excavation of the sidewheel steamer SS Republic and the subsequent finds derived from years of research following the initial discovery in 2003. To read these archaeological reports please visit our Publications page. A bound volume of these papers will be available for purchase from the Odyssey Shipwreck Store very soon.
    • The company’s 2010 publications goals are equally ambitious. Consistent with the previous year, Odyssey plans to publish archaeology papers presenting finds relevant to a number of our historically significant shipwreck projects. Stay tuned for more details…
    • Odyssey’s SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure garnered an enthusiastic reception with more than ½ million visitors attending the exhibit since its opening in 2005, having been showcased in five cities including New Orleans, Tampa, Detroit, Oklahoma City and Charlotte, N.C.—where it’s successful 7-month run recently wrapped up at Discovery Place on January 31st.
    • Odyssey’s additional exhibit venues featuring a diversity of shipwreck artifacts combined with high-definition video and photos also continue to support a strong showing. Included is Shipwreck! Treasures from the SS Republic developed exclusively for the Baldwin County Heritage Museum in Elberta, Alabama, now well into its 2nd year; Odyssey’s Technology and Pirates Display on board the historic American Victory Ship in Tampa, FL; and a collection of rare coins from the SS Republic on display at the New Orleans Mint (known today as the ‘Old U.S. Mint’).
    • 2010 opened with a fascinating new exhibit entitled: “Out of the Deep” presented at the Museum of the History of Science at Oxford University in England—a most fitting venue for one of Odyssey’s most historically significant discoveries, an extraordinarily rare 17th-century wooden folding rule recovered from a shipwreck site located in the Western Approaches to the English Channel. Preserved by sheer luck amongst the perils of the deep, the remaining one arm of the 2-foot ruler is an early form of pocket calculator incorporating five scales to measure the area and volume of timber. It is the earliest known example ever found on any shipwreck in the world.
    • This year holds an exciting presentation schedule that began with the Plymouth Shipwreck Conference in the UK on February 6 at The International Shipwreck Conference at the University of Plymouth, UK, Odyssey Consulting Archaeologist and Director of Wreck Watch International, Dr. Sean Kingsley, gave a presentation on Odyssey's amazing discovery of Sir Admiral Balchin's HMS Victory.
    • A few days later, on February 10-11, Odyssey Marine Exploration and ProSEA presented at the 2010 Underwater Intervention Shipwreck Track – Technical Program in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference featured a series of 6 presentations covering a diversity of topics ranging from Odyssey’s ‘Shipwreck Exploration Curriculum’, to the ‘Effects of Trawler Activities on Shipwrecks’ to ‘HMS Victory Cannon Conservation.’ The conference closed with an afternoon panel discussion on the UNESCO convention and its impact on various marine-related businesses including shipwreck exploration and archaeology.
    • Odyssey’s co-founder and CEO Greg Stemm presented at the Archaeology 2010 Conference organized by Current Archaeology magazine on February 26-28, 2010 at the British Museum in London. At this landmark event Mr. Stemm made a rare public appearance in a session called ‘Maritime Salvage or Commercial Archaeology?
    • On March 5-6, 2010, Odyssey's Curator of Collections Ellen Gerth will headline the Milwaukee Ghost Ship Festival, sponsored by the Great Lakes Shipwreck Research Foundation, Inc. Her presentation entitled, "Deep-Ocean Shipwreck Exploration: Expanding the Ocean Frontier", will be accompanied by a small artifact display.

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