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Mark Gordon, Odyssey President and COO
Mark Gordon, Odyssey President, COO & Director

Welcome Aboard!

I am delighted to have you as an official member of the Odyssey family along with our elite team of world-class researchers, archaeologists, scientists and technicians.

As a recipient of our Shipwreck Club Newsletter, Odyssey is committed to sharing with you the infinite thrill and adventure of deep-ocean exploration in our never-ending mission to uncover some of history’s most intriguing and valuable discoveries. Beginning with this inaugural edition, each newsletter will be filled with highlights detailing Odyssey’s behind-the-scene work on some of our latest projects, including some of the new technologies and custom-tooled equipment we’ve designed and are using aboard our research vessel, Odyssey Explorer, our deep-ocean archaeological platform. Special updates will offer a rare insight into some our more recent finds, including feature stories about some of the extraordinary artifacts we’ve recovered and documented from historic sites around the world. Personal stories written by individual crew members will provide the singular opportunity to learn more about their specialized jobs aboard the Odyssey Explorer and will disclose a more intimate look at the talented people whose unique set of skills together make Odyssey the world leader in deep-ocean shipwreck exploration and marine archaeology.

We look forward to sharing our experiences as we explore uncharted depths and uncover long-lost ships spanning centuries of mankind’s nautical voyages. As Odyssey family, you’ll enjoy front row seats as we bring our underwater heritage to the surface and preserve history relevant to each and every one of us.



Mark Gordon

President and COO of Odyssey Marine Exploration

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