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Odyssey In Depth

The emergency stern steering pedestal on the SS Gairsoppa

The emergency stern steering pedestal on the SS Gairsoppa

Senior Project Manager Andrew Craig and Principal Marine Archaeologist Neil Cunningham Dobson in the offline room

A view of the skylight over the engine room on the SS Mantola

The Odyssey Explorer sailing the high seas

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Oceans Odyssey 2

A Look Back at 2011


As we get ready for 2012, which promises to be one of the busiest years in Odyssey history, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the events of 2011. This year the Odyssey team continued to accomplish impressive feats others thought were impossible. We are fortunate to have a world-class team of deep-ocean experts who contribute every day to our mission. We are especially thankful for the support of the shipwreck enthusiast community around the world!

Now we present Odyssey’s Year in Review…

  • With high confidence we set out to locate the silver-laden SS Gairsoppa. We not only found her, but within 24 hours of the Gairsoppa discovery, we located another silver cargo ship the SS Mantola! Both cargo recoveries will begin in the spring of 2012 under contract deals with the UK Government.


  • SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure continued its journey to science centers and museums across the country, making two stops: G.WIZ in Sarasota, FL, from March 3-August 31, 2011, then heading west to the Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX, where it debuted October 1 and will remain on display until January 8, 2012. We’re now excited to take the exhibit to the Mid America Science Museum in Hot Springs, AK, where it will open February 14, 2012. To date over a million people have visited SHIPWRECK!



  • Our shipwreck experts represented Odyssey at a variety of industry and financial conferences and events including the Conference on Maritime Archaeology (Singapore), Underwater Intervention (USA), the Great American Teach-In (USA), Noble Financial Conference (USA), Craig-Hallum Alpha Select Investor Conference (USA), the International Shipwreck Conference (UK), and Sub Aqua Association (UK).


  • Over 10,000 print articles and broadcast media stories were produced about Odyssey! These included the New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, New York Post, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, TIME, BusinessWeek, USA Today, Fox News, CNN, CBS, Good Morning America, NPR, Discovery Channel News, History Channel News, AOL News, Yahoo News, The Independent, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Financial Times, BBC TV & Radio, The Guardian, DIVE Magazine, The Sun, AFP, International Herald Tribune, Al Jazeera, Paris Match, The Australian….to name just a few!



  • Oceans Odyssey 2 was published; further showcasing Odyssey’s pioneering work in underwater archaeology. The archaeological volume was not only well received by academic archaeologists and industry professionals but also by the general public. In addition, Odyssey’s publications team released five more papers in 2011!


  • We joined American historians in commemorating the 150 year anniversary of the start of the Civil War. In 2003, Odyssey discovered the greatest shipwreck treasure of the Civil War era – the SS Republic. The excavation yielded over 51,000 coins and more than 14,000 artifacts!


  • Odyssey’s ship and crew aboard the Dorado Discovery completed charter work conducting geological exploration services to Neptune Minerals, Inc. by exploring South Pacific tenement areas. This expedition documented several new discoveries of SMS deposits with assay results indicating substantial incidence of high grade gold, silver, zinc and copper ore. Odyssey also successfully completed a phosphate exploration charter for Chatham Rock Phosphate and is ready to continue exploring the deep-oceans of the world for resources.



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