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Odyssey crew member checks the ROV ZEUS's serf system
The 8-ton ROV ZEUS is prepared for launch to the seabed
A cascade of silver coins spill from an eroding barrel on the seabed
Seated Liberty silver half-dollar recovered from the SS Republic wreck site

Investor Relations FAQ

What stock market does Odyssey trade on and what is the Company's ticker symbol?

Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.'s shares are traded at the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol OMEX.

How do I buy stock in Odyssey?

Odyssey is a publicly traded company, currently trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol OMEX. Odyssey stock can be purchased through your accredited stock broker, or through an on-line stock broker. At this time there are no opportunities to buy stock directly from the company.

Before making any investment decisions, you should read Odyssey's SEC filings, recent press releases and risk factors. You can access all of this information through the links above.

If I buy stock in Odyssey through a stockbroker or online trading service, does that money go to Odyssey to fund shipwreck projects?

No. When stock is purchased on the open market through a stock broker or online trading service, it is being purchased from a current shareholder and the purchase price minus any commissions are credited to the former owner of the shares. Odyssey does not get any of this money.

How can I access Odyssey's SEC filings?

All our SEC filings are available for free on the Edgar database on the SEC website (, or follow this link to our filings from our website.

If you would like hard copies of our Proxy Statement, Form 10-K and/or current Form 10-Q, please submit a request through our service ticket system and we will gladly mail them to you.

Why don't you provide more operational updates?

We do understand that shipwreck exploration is fascinating and that stockholders and the general public want to share in the excitement as well as make informed investment decisions. However, for security, competitive and political reasons, we may not comment or disclose information on some projects until we have located the targeted shipwreck or shipwrecks and determined a course of action to protect our property rights.

We continue to provide operational updates in our Quarterly Reports and Annual Reports. To keep abreast of news, please be sure you are signed up for email updates as they are published. If you haven't signed up for those already you may do so at

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