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HMS Sussex in a storm off the coast of Gibraltar
The ROV is launched for descent to seabed
Anchor and cannon on the site believed to be HMS Sussex

HMS Sussex Project Overview

HMS Sussex was a large 80-gun English warship lost in a severe storm in 1694 off the coast of Gibraltar. Documentary research indicates there is a high probability the ship was carrying a cargo of coins with a potentially-substantial numismatic value. Offshore operations conducted by Odyssey Marine Exploration between 1998 and 2001 suggest there is a strong likelihood the company has located the remains of HMS Sussex.


In September 2002, Odyssey entered into a landmark partnering agreement with the owner of HMS Sussex, the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, known as Her Majesty's Government (HMG). In accordance with this agreement and the approved HMS Sussex Archaeological Project Plan, Odyssey has successfully completed to the satisfaction of HMG, Phase 1A (the non-disturbance survey) and a substantial portion of Phase 1B (trial excavation of the site believed to be HMS Sussex). Odyssey is authorized by HMG to complete phase 1B of the project. However, due to interference by various Spanish entities Odyssey has postponed further work on the project to allow diplomatic issues to be resolved.




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