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Archaeological Papers

Odyssey In Depth
Ceramic storage jars dating to the Roman era carpet a shipwreck site discovered by Odyssey
A large crab climbs aboard an artifact recovery basket
Odyssey�_Ts search expeditions have uncovered modern shipwrecks including this steel-hulled wreck

Archaeological Papers


OME Paper 18

Dr. Sean Kingsley, The Art & Archaeology of Privateering: British Fortunes & Failures in 1744 (2010)

OME Paper 17

Neil Cunningham Dobson, La Marquise de Tourny (Site 33c): A Mid-18th Century Armed Privateer of Bordeaux (2010)

OME Paper 16

Frederick Van de Walle, Balchin's Victory: Bronze Cannon Conservation Report (2010)

OME Paper 15

Charles Trollope, FSA, Brass Guns & Balchin's Victory (1744): the Background to their Casting (2010)

OME Paper 14

Greg Stemm, David J. Bederman, Virtual Collectors & Private Curators: A Model for the Museum of the Future (2010)

OME Paper 13

Underwater Cultural Heritage & UNESCO in New Orleans (2010) - with contributions by Prof. Filipe Castro, Prof. David Bederman, John Kimball, Greg Stemm, James Sinclair, Daniel De Narvaez, and Dr. Sean Kingsley

OME Paper 12

Axel Niestlé, The 'Atlas' Survey Zone: Deep-sea Archaeology & U-boat Loss Reassessments (2010)

OME Paper 11

Neil Cunningham Dobson, Hawk Tolson, A Note on Human Remains from the Shipwreck of HMS Victory, 1744 (2010)

OME Paper 10

Dr. Stephen Johnston, A Note on the Wooden Carpenter's Rule from Odyssey Shipwreck Site 35F (2010)

OME Paper 9

Hawk Tolson, Ellen Gerth, Faith of Our Fathers: Religious Artifacts from the SS Republic (2010)


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