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Archaeological Papers

Odyssey In Depth
Ceramic storage jars dating to the Roman era carpet a shipwreck site discovered by Odyssey
A large crab climbs aboard an artifact recovery basket
Odyssey´┐Ż_Ts search expeditions have uncovered modern shipwrecks including this steel-hulled wreck

Archaeological Papers


OME Paper 8

David L. Balkwill, April C. Smith, Microbiological & Chemical Analysis of Bottles from the SS Republic (2009)

OME Paper 7

Q. David Bowers, The SS Republic Shipwreck Excavation Project: the Coin Collection (2009)

OME Paper 6

Neil Cunningham Dobson, Ellen Gerth, J. Lange Winckler, The Shipwreck of the SS Republic (1865). Experimental Deep-Sea Archaeology. Part 1: Fieldwork & Site History (2009)

OME Paper 5

Neil Cunningham Dobson, Ellen Gerth, The Shipwreck of the SS Republic (1865). Experimental Deep-Sea Archaeology. Part 2: Cargo (2009)

OME Paper 4

Dr. Sean Kingsley, Deep-Sea Fishing Impacts on the Shipwreck of the English Channel & Western Approaches (2009)

OME Paper 3

Hawk Tolson, The Jacksonville 'Blue China' Shipwreck & the Myth of Deep-Sea Preservation (2009)

OME Paper 2

Neil Cunningham Dobson, Dr. Sean Kingsley, HMS Victory, a First-Rate Royal Navy Warship Lost in the English Channel, 1744. Preliminary Survey & Identification (2009).

OME Paper 1

Neil Cunningham Dobson, Hawk Tolson, Anthony Martin, Brian Lavery, Richard Bates, Fernando Tempera, Jacqui Pearce, The HMS Sussex Shipwreck Project (Site E-82) Preliminary Report (2009).


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