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The research vessel Odyssey Explorer works above shipwreck sites around the world
The SS Republic portside paddlewheel on the seabed 1,700 feet deep
The SS Republic archaeological excavation produced hundreds of gold coins
The ROV ZEUS works around the clock on shipwreck sites often thousands of feet deep
A ceramic angel recovered from the Atlantic seabed 1,700 feet deep

Odyssey's Deep-Ocean Services

Please visit www.odysseymarine.com to learn more about Odyssey's work in the deep ocean.

Odyssey’s deep-ocean expertise is now available on a contract basis for deep-ocean natural resource exploration, shipwreck exploration, archaeological recovery and conservation, insurance documentation, and for other projects that require the tools, team and technology that Odyssey has assembled.

Companies and organizations can expedite project time lines and decrease project expenses by leveraging Odyssey’s Deep Ocean Services. Choose from a suite of individual services to supplement existing operations or have Odyssey develop and execute a turnkey project plan to meet your business objectives.

Odyssey’s world-class team includes the best and most experienced professionals in the field who utilize cutting-edge technology and proprietary tools to deliver results above and beneath the surface.

Capabilities Include:

  • Search – Mapping the sea floor and locating targets using the latest side-scan, magnetometer and multi-beam technology.
  • Inspection and Recovery – Deploying specialized Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), to visually inspect, sample and recover deep-ocean targets, from natural resources to shipwreck artifacts to modern items and equipment.
  • Documentation – Leveraging advanced technology and proprietary software and systems, Odyssey expertly digitally catalogs its work, including comprehensive data management, analysis and photo documentation.
  • Conservation – Odyssey maintains and operates a world-class marine conservation lab capable of conserving organic, inorganic and composite materials to the highest standards. Conservation services can also be extended to field work by our team of certified conservators, archaeologists and project managers.
  • Mineral exploration - With the vessel Dorado Discovery and a crew that includes scientists, biologists and technicians, Odyssey has the capability to perform geophysical and geochemical surveys, detailed mapping and sampling, as well environmental assessment, drilling and resource evaluation.


If you are interested in contacting Odyssey about a project, please contact John Longley, Odyssey Senior Vice President and Director of Sales & Business Operations at 813-876-1776 x 2696 or click here.

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