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We are looking to fill the following open positions:



We are currently looking to add ROV Electronics Technicians to our team! If your skills and qualifications meet our needs, listed below, then send us your resume or CV at ROVposition@shipwreck.net.

Primary Role:

The Electronic Technician (ET) is responsible for maintaining and repairing all electronic, optical and electrical subsystems related to shipboard Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and sonar search systems.  The ET will also perform in all positions as an operator of the equipment. The ET position reports to the Shift Supervisor and the Project Manager.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The ET is responsible for the following:

  • Repair, maintenance and operation of all associated electrical and electronic systems for deck equipment related to search and salvage operations including:
    • Process controller electronics
    • Electro/optical interface (terminations) and slip rings
    • Electrical Motors
    • Electrical (Diesel Powered) Generator Sets
  • Repair, maintenance and operations of all electrical, optical, and electronic subsystems aboard Remotely Operated Vehicles including:
      • Sonar
      • Video Cameras
      • Manipulator Control Systems
      • Electrical Motors
      • Command and Control computer and computer interface electronics
      • Signal and control interface electronics.
      • Underwater Lights
      • Fiber Optic interface
  • System Operator of all deck equipment and ROV/Search sonar systems in all positions (Pilot, co-pilot)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Welding / fabrication skills (particularly TIG welding)
  • Excellent multi-tasking capabilities
  • Communication and time management skills
  • Skilled at solving problems and systems troubleshooting
  • Ability to think innovatively and be resourceful
  • Ability to work in adverse conditions


  • 2 years experience working as a ROV technician
  • Associates Degree in Electronics or Certificate of Training from a recognized institution (Military, Technical School).  Additional, verifiable work experience may be used in place of certification or degree

Special Requirements:

  • Frequent foreign and domestic travel
  • Must be able to work offshore for extended periods
  • Current Passport



We are currently looking to add experienced Marine Archaeologists to our team! If your skills and qualifications meet our needs, listed below, please send your resume or CV to: archaeologist@shipwreck.net. Please note that all resume and CV submissions are kept confidential.

Compensation: Archaeologists under contract with Odyssey Marine Exploration earn up to $400/day based on experience.

Primary Role:
The Marine Archaeologist’s primary role is to help plan shipwreck survey and excavation projects, and to oversee recording, recovery and interpretation of data and materials from sites. This includes advising Project Managers on archaeological methodology, planning dives with Remotely-Operated Vehicles and supervising all aspects of archaeological operations (retrieving artifacts, recording, photomosiac production, dive video, measurements and interpretation). In addition, the Marine Archaeologist will be required to write up fieldwork for internal use and scientific publication and conduct academic and popular presentations.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Surveying or excavating sites using a variety of non-intrusive and intrusive methods, including ROV inspections, underwater photography and video to derive primary data:

  • Conducting desk-based assessments of sites
  • Writing Project Designs
  • Assessing and identifying possible natural and anthropogenic impacts before a site is investigated
  • Making recommendations on surveying, excavation, and site stabilization
  • Project management
  • Artifact sampling through excavation and retrieval –recording contexts, registration, and cataloging artifacts
  • Analyzing finds by character, origin, date and typology
  • Researching and writing site reports for publication
  • Producing materials related to research and site interpretation for publishing books or articles.
  • Producing written material aimed at a wider popular audience
  • Basic first-aid conservation triage set up
  • Managerial decisions on artifact retrieval in consultation with project conservators
  • Handling of retrieved artifacts for shipment to conservation facilities
  • Giving educational talks and presentations

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
A solid background in maritime archaeology and methodology is required. Previous work in the field archaeological environment with a high-level skill set in past expeditions, whether shallow water or deep, is desired. Strong organizational skills emphasizing the following attributes: client focused, time and pressure sensitive, proactive, excellent multi-tasking capabilities, communication and time management skills , an ability to respond to project initiation on short notice. Strong writing skills a must. Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office software products. Experience with CAD related and GIS software is preferred.

A minimum of a Masters level degree is required, plus at least 3 years of experience in desk-based evaluations and fieldwork. IFA or industry equivalent certification, or proven comparable capability is needed. Working with an ROV and deep-water equipment is a plus.



We are currently looking to add a conservator to our team! If your skills and qualifications meet our needs, listed below, then send us your resume or CV at Conservator@shipwreck.net.

Primary Role:
This individual will help facilitate the conservation process including preservation, documentation, cataloging and analysis within Odyssey’s collection. He or She will plan and carry out conservation treatment on objects in the collection.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Determines and implements methods for preservation and conservation of shipwreck/maritime artifacts.
  • Performs preventative conservation measures such as monitoring current collection of artifact inventory and providing ongoing conservation condition assessments
  • Conducts and supervises research involving the conservation of artifacts' materials; storage, treatment, display, and shipment of artifacts; and environmental conditions.
  • Provide consultations to Archaeologists and Sales team

Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree in Conservation Sciences is desirable, specialized education in, or experience with Marine Conservation preferred.

To learn more about Odyssey’s commitment to Archaeology, Conservation and Curation follow these links:

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