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The research vessel Odyssey Explorer serves as the archaeological work platform
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"Blue China" Project Overview

During its search for the SS Republic® in 2003, Odyssey Marine Exploration located the sunken remains of an unidentified sailing vessel off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. Without information to confirm the shipwreck's actual identity, Odyssey named the site "Blue China" due to the presence of a large quantity of blue-decorated ceramics found at the site. The "Blue China" shipwreck is likely the remains of a modest American coastal trader conducting business along the Atlantic Seaboard in the years preceding the American Civil War.

Later examination of the "Blue China" site during a subsequent visit in 2005 revealed substantial and ongoing modern damage, the apparent impact of modern trawl nets dragged across the ocean bottom displacing and smashing artifacts. The site clearly in imminent danger, Odyssey chose to conduct a “rescue archaeology” excavation which included documenting the site and recovering as many intact artifacts as possible in an effort to identify and date the remains, and for further study and exhibit before the "Blue China" site underwent total destruction.

Over 400 individual artifacts were recovered from the "Blue China" shipwreck site. Safely recovered, the artifacts were then conserved in the Odyssey laboratory in accordance with current standards for best practice conservation. Some of the pieces are now on display in Odyssey’s traveling exhibit, SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure, and the rest are in secure and climate-controlled storage at the Odyssey conservation facility—where they are maintained for further study, and publication. 


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