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The research vessel Odyssey Explorer works above shipwreck sites around the world
The SS Republic portside paddlewheel on the seabed 1,700 feet deep
The SS Republic archaeological excavation produced hundreds of gold coins

Company Overview

Odyssey Marine Exploration was founded in 1994 on the following beliefs:

  • There are billions of dollars in valuable materials on the ocean floor;
  • The technology exists to find and recover these treasures, artifacts, cargo and naturally-occurring mineral deposits;
  • Good business and sound scientific practice can co-exist and thrive together;
  • The treasures and the knowledge recovered from the deep ocean should be shared with the world.

From the start, Odyssey's business plan envisioned the discovery of valuable and interesting assets from the deep-ocean over an extended period of time. This successful strategy has enabled us to bring the world's finest deep-ocean technology and equipment together with the most qualified and brightest researchers, engineers, technicians and scientist from all corners of the globe and we continue to attract the best minds in this emerging industry.

We have surveyed and mapped more than 26,000 square miles of seabed and spent more than 14,000 hours diving on sites using advanced robotic technology. Our expert team has discovered hundreds of shipwrecks ranging from third-century BC Punic sites to WWII casualties. We’ve also explored some of the most famous shipwreck finds to date including the SS Republic, HMS Victory, SS Gairsoppa and SS Central America.

Our important discoveries also uncover priceless new knowledge and history from the depths. As we recover these shipwreck treasures, once believed lost forever, we also resurrect intriguing stories that offer a rare and fascinating window into historic events which would otherwise remain obscure.

We share the thrill and adventure of deep-ocean exploration by making shipwreck treasures, artifacts and information available to collectors, the general public and students through our webstore, exhibits, books, television, educational programs and a virtual museum.

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